Joseph Olusegun Ade



Joseph Olusegun  Ade, AKA JEALOUS, is a Nigerian born lad, currently living in Mauritius  and trying hard to make the world a better place for everyone.
He has a BSC in Computer Science and  his MBA Management at Middlesex University.
He  is only 25-years old, but his life experiences and professional deeds  have made him mature very early. Before he was 20, JEALOUS was an  already well known name among the entertainment industry in Nigeria -  specially in the Music field. As a blogger, he anticipated all the real  meaningful news about artists, bands, new releases in records,  streaming, shows, as well as the latest gossip of the entertainment  world. In 2013,   JEALOUS received the Green Award for Revelation Artist  
He  retired from his blogger life to continue his studies in the British  Middlesex University in the African paradise island of Mauritius.   However, this restless innovative mind would not let Joseph become a  regular MBA student only. He needed more to conquer his dreams and  change many lives along the way. With the support of two more partners,  Joseph Segun developed the concept of OLUWAJEALOUS startup - a social  business that unites artists from underworld with customers who seek  uniqueness among diversity.