Naira Tardivo



"I  am a fashion designer and producer, working in the field for over 20  years. Since the beginning of my career, I focused in product development.  I am currently leading the Pio Studio with my own tailored fashion  projects and also developing products for other designers, brands,  stylists, advertising agencies, artists, among other clients. In the  last 13 years, I have built several partnerships with brands in fashion  shows, as the SPFW and Fashion Rio, developing tailor-made pieces for  them. In addition to my consulting work, I have my own brand - PIO - of  handcrafted shoes, as well as custom made pieces. My personal projects  stimulates the conscious consumption, when I propose the restoration of  old clothes and shoes, and the reuse of materials making new what was  going to be discharged. I have always been passionate about the craft  process and I love to do exclusive tailor-made projects, like  OLUWAJEALOUS."